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Macbook broken. again.

Dear World,

Please remind me why I bought a mac?


[i was typing away the other day and *blip* my backlight stopped working, permanently, seriously, wtf.]
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I somehow doubt it's Apple's fault that the LCD module from Chi-Mei optoelectronics, the LCD vendor used by most laptop manufacturers, stopped working?
but please explain why no laptop i've ever owned (read: 2 x dells) has ever even had a single problem and this stupid thing just keeps on being crap :P

actually once i had a slightly weird problem with the lcd on one (went a bit fuzzy sometimes) but thats it. so slight over exaggeration. still, gah :P

it also doesn't help that apple service centers suck. please to be doing of the onsite next day support :(
Actually, thinking about it some more, it could be the inverter (assuming you don't have one of the LED backlit macbooks). The inverter is an Apple component, but is to reference designs. The location of it next to the heat vents isn't a great idea on Apple's part vis-a-vis component lifespan.
Have any of you actually seen one of the full caskets in person, purchased one, or anything related.
Com Subject: Re: A tactic to help trounce Windows Great idea. Thanks for sharing it. Now if there was just someone who could make it happen.
Vista actually caused a problem more than once where I could not even get XP to boot up and run so had to install both of them again many times.
) It seems to me that OSX has currently got its act together infinitely more than Vista -- but even so, if I'd want to run XP, Vista, or even Linux on my Mac box, I could simultaneously run those and OSX using Parallels.
The quality of the components of every laptop I've ever owned were all on the same level, since they all come from the same factories in Taiwan and China. The only differentiating factor has been the build quality, QA and tech support of the company behind it.

Apple laptops have almost always suffered from heat dissipation issues, probably due to the fact they're designed to have a small footprint AND to be as quiet as possible.

In your case though, it's a component issue, so I'm guessing Apple's QA hasn't been doing their job.


May 3 2008, 16:46:36 UTC 13 years ago

I've had an Acer, an IBM, 2 Dells, a Powerbook, a Samsung and now a Sony.

The Acer was, predictably, a piece of shit, but it didn't break as such. However, the IBM was great, as were the Dells (both Latitudes). The Powerbook was 18 months of problems (mostly related to the screen funnily enough, oh and it was S-L-O-W). The Samsung was great (HDD died after a couple of years, I threw it around a lot), and so far my Sony has been great too.

I think I'll stay in PC land where my laptop works. You should too ;).
That's good to know.
If you want more just let me know.

Same here


August 11 2008, 23:58:36 UTC 13 years ago

Macbook 2.2Ghz, brand new.

2 months old now, 2 months of trouble, and Apple is of no help.

1) Boot Camp driver for the 2.2Ghz model had faulty keyboard driver, mapping was off. They issued a fix four weeks later, fine.
2) Keyboard died intermittently, OS X or Windows, doesn't matter
3) Keyboard is "squeaking"!
4) Touchpad...was touchy, until they fixed it (again), it moved all over the place as I typed...
5) Now Boot Camp update broke the keyboard again.

Why did I get this crap! Who said Apple "just works"? My ass...
What, it "only just" works ;)

That said, we have well over 100 Apple laptops at work, and have an almost surprisingly low failure rate.
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Dear World,

Please remind me why I bought a mac?

Most people are buying it for its nice look only; I have an ugly HP Compaq nx7400 since 2006 and I had no problems with it except for the charger which has been replaced two years ago.
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