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Trent 'Lathiat' Lloyd (トレント)

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Macbook broken. again. [Apr. 28th, 2008|06:30 am]
Trent 'Lathiat' Lloyd (トレント)
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Dear World,

Please remind me why I bought a mac?


[i was typing away the other day and *blip* my backlight stopped working, permanently, seriously, wtf.]

From: (Anonymous)
2008-04-27 11:44 pm (UTC)

Laptops are all equally crap

The quality of the components of every laptop I've ever owned were all on the same level, since they all come from the same factories in Taiwan and China. The only differentiating factor has been the build quality, QA and tech support of the company behind it.

Apple laptops have almost always suffered from heat dissipation issues, probably due to the fact they're designed to have a small footprint AND to be as quiet as possible.

In your case though, it's a component issue, so I'm guessing Apple's QA hasn't been doing their job.
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